Users who have a staff member enter data have more cases in SurgicalPerformance

Assigning data entry into SurgicalPerformance to a practice nurse/midwife is a smart way to stay up to date with your data

Attending the AGES 28th Annual Scientific meeting in Melbourne in March this year, we had fantastic conversations with users about how they organise data entry. We thank you, to all who passed by our booth and shared their stories with us.

As gynaecologists, we are busy being great doctors. We want to be confident that we do the right thing. However, what we don’t need is even more bureaucracy and paperwork.

Data entry is a major issue and a big hurdle for busy specialists. Typically, it takes 2 minutes to enter a gynaecological surgical case into SurgicalPerformance. However, you may wish to enter 10 cases a week and you need to make sure all the details that you require, you actually have at hand. Then, you also need to follow up at 4 weeks to complete the outcomes. Overall, this work takes up an hour or two per week in many practices.

While we need to know how well we are doing clinically, we don’t want to be caught up in even more paperwork.

One of the patterns that we picked up from our conversations was that users who were happy to let a practice nurse or midwife enter data, had more cases in SurgicalPerformance than users who manage to enter data themselves.

Premium users have the option to protect sensitive areas, such as reports, so that those areas cannot be accessed by your data entry person.

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