Data Entry & Training Service

We know that data entry can sometimes be arduous and time consuming

To make it easier we have trained and accredited a select number of data entry providers who are available for data entry and training services in your rooms or remotely.

You can utilise the data entry and training service to support yourself and your existing team in using SurgicalPerformance and data entry tasks. The data entry could be ongoing entry as cases get completed or could be entering historical data.


Secure Data Entry

The data entry feature of SurgicalPerformance is available to all premium users. It protects all sensitive areas of the site including reports, accounts, export and some dashboard data behind a PIN, making it possible for you to delegate data entry without worrying about sensitive data being visible to unauthorised personnel. You can use this feature with your own staff as well as external data entry service providers.


Hands on Training

If you or your staff need hands-on training and assistance, data entry providers can provide this either face to face or remotely using screen sharing to view your computer screen and to show how to use the system or for remote support.


SurgicalPerformance Trained

All data entry providers have been trained by SurgicalPerformance on data entry, the system and proper handling of medical records.

Your Data


All data entry providers are independent of SurgicalPerformance and you can be assured that they do not share any information about their clients with us. You should make sure that any Data Entry provider you employ is briefed on your medical records handling agreement and have signed the appropriate confidentiality agreements and codes of conduct with your practice.

Featured Data Entry Providers

Jocelle Cape
Available for remote and in-room data entry and training

Kelsey-Rose Davidson
Available for remote and in-room data entry and training

Meghan Hopgood
Available for remote and in-room data entry and training

Find a Data Entry Provider

We have a panel of SurgicalPerformance trained and accredited independent data entry providers, contact us and we can refer you to some that will fit your location and requirements.

Contact us for a provider near you

Become a Data Entry Provider

SurgicalPerformance holds regular data entry training workshops. We provide full support as well as referral opportunities to our users. If you want to be a part of this exciting service, contact us to start the process.

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