Own your data with our secure-web based INSIGHTS platform

While we all strive for excellent treatment outcomes, complications are an inevitable occurrence in medical practice and can be one of the most insidious stressors we have to deal with.

Our INSIGHTS platform allows you to:

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View fast, meaningful insights at a glance via your Dashboard

✔️ Number of records

✔️ Procedure categories

✔️ Complication rates

✔️ PRA points

Benchmark & compare against the anonymised average

✔️ Filter by time, location, specialty and procedure

✔️ Bar, box plot and standard deviation visualisations

✔️ Cumulative incidence tracking to understand trends (improving, worsening or steady)

✔️ Kaplan Meier survival curves to track and compare the probability of recurrance

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Track PRA & CPD Points

✔️ Gain 1 PRA point for every 12 cases entered into the SurgicalPerformance app

Recognised by RANZCOG and RACS.

Enter data in 2 minutes or less.

✔️ Data is validated as you go to ensure accuracy

✔️Import data direct from Practice Management Software (e.g. GENIE)

✔️ Custom training and support from the Surgical Performance onboarding team for you or your Practice Manager or Assistant

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"“I made it a habit to enter all cases right there in the operating theatre, which takes a couple of minutes.”
Dr Bill Paton, Gynaecologist, WA (Australia)

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Make following up on patient reported outcomes painless (PROMS)

We all want to be sure our procedures have helped our patients and learn of any complications pro-actively. We also want to measure patient satisfaction.

Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMS) surveys are widely accepted tools for making outcomes known. SurgicalPerformance has worked to make PROMS an automated and effortless part of your workflow.

Send surveys and gather report results automatically

✔️ Complete just 7 fields

✔️ Report SMS'd 7 days after the procedure date

✔️ Link the case to your INSIGHTS for further data

✔️ Link the case to your INSIGHTS for further data

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Patient convenience and control

✔️ We send personalised surveys directly to your patient's smartphone to understand how they are doing after their procedure along with an overall patient satisfaction survey

✔️ If the patient chooses not to answer, they will not be contacted further

✔️ Track follow up surveys at 7, 30 and 180 days.

Know your PROMS better with our dashboard reporting

✔️ View open rates and response rates for each practice area

✔️ Colour coded favourable, average and poor outcomes

✔️ Access detailed responses for every individual procedure

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“Since I started using SurgicalPerformance to audit my practice, the tedious task of audit has become simple and easy and I can enter my data anytime and anywhere.”
Dr Elizabeth Varughese, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, NSW (Australia)

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Easily gain insights from your data in REPORTS

✔️ Generate NCSR Export and CQUIP reports for pre-completed Colposcopy reporting

✔️ Track the number of procedures, patient factors (e.g. comorbidities)

✔️ Compare individual incidence of generally accepted KPI's and standard

✔️ Download to Excel for further reporting

✔️ Access REST API

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