How to generate NCSR colposcopy reports

From 1 December 2017, it is a mandatory legal requirement for Australian health practitioners to submit data on colposcopy to the National Cervical Screening Register (NCSR). Both the health practitioner and the patient will be identifiable.

  • Health practitioners are authorised under the National Cancer Screening Register Act 2016 to collect and disclose patients’ personal information to the NCSR.
  • The NCSR is authorised under the Privacy Act 1988 and under the National Cancer Screening Register Act 2016 to collect information about you and other health care providers and this information may be disclosed to a range of agencies or organisations, including State and Territory Health Departments, Australian Government agencies and where you have agreed or where it is authorised or required by law or court or tribunal order.
  • SurgicalPerformance still holds Qualified Privilege status, which applies to all other modules of SurgicalPerformance except “Colposcopy”.

For more information on the NCSR’s privacy policy, please visit

How it works

SurgicalPerformance has the ability to generate completed, ready-to-submit forms from your colposcopy records. Premium users can find this feature under Reporting > NCSR Reporting.

Enter colposcopies

You enter your colposcopies as normal. Ensure you have extended data clicked so you can see all fields. When you have entered all required fields and saved the record, it will be available in the NCSR Reporting module in Reporting > NCSR Reporting

Go to the NCSR reporting module

Press the  button for the record you need to report on. You can generate reports for complete records, track records that haven’t had reports generated, or see records that have been updated after report generation.

Enter Detail and Generate PDF

Enter your patient and provider details for this record to generate a pre-filled PDF reporting form. You can tick remember my details to save your own information on your surgical performance profile if you would like. Press Submit and the form will be saved in your browser downloads folder

Submit form

Print the PDF and check it to ensure it is correct. You can update the records and regenerate the form if necessary. Fax it to 1800 627 702.

Note: Only colposcopies performed in Australia on or after 1 Dev 2017 are eligible for entry in the NCSR.


Download our step-by-step guide to creating NCSR colposcopy reports here.