SurgicalPerformance INSIGHTS helps you know better

While we all strive for excellent treatment outcomes, complications are an inevitable occurrence in medical practice and can be one of the most insidious stressors we have to deal with.

Unforeseen occurrences

Your team

Complexity from unforeseen consequences/occurrences

Patient age

Patient co-morbidities

Patient condition


SurgicalPerformance INSIGHTS is a secure web-based platform built for surgeons by surgeons to collect insights about their surgical procedures, their outcomes and any confounders.


SurgicalPerformance is the most user-friendly medical system you have ever used. Data entry is simple and fast forward and can be done while you are with the patient, imported from your practice management system or by an assistant, while restricting them from sensitive areas.

We collect only clinically meaningful information on surgical procedures and confounders including ASA, BMI and Co-morbidities. Data entry is structured in categories for comprehensive reporting and insights.

SurgicalPerformance is independent and does not answer to a college, hospital or a professional society. Your trust and confidence are at the core of everything we do.

No other user can see your data. All comparisons are aggregated and de-identified at the system level. SurgicalPerformance holds qualified privilege status granted by the Commonwealth and courts cannot subpoena its data. Non-identifiable data is used to advance science and our knowledge (for commercial and academic research).

Your data is your own, we will never lock you in to our system or lock you out of your data. You can export your own data to CSV/Excel at anytime.

SurgicalPerformance is Web-based. All data is transferred with SSL encryption and we record an extremely limited set of PHI.

How it works

SurgicalPerformance is web-based. All current web browsers are supported. The platform works beautifully on all modern devices whether you are on a tablet, smartphone or desktop.

1. Data Entry

Data entry takes approximately 2 minutes. We validate the fields as you go, making things even faster and you can enter and update records on your phone, tablet or desktop.

You can import supported data direct from supported practice management software (eg GENIE).

You can get your staff to enter and update data without them being able to view your outcomes using our enhanced security feature.

Only a small number of fields are mandatory so you can collect as much or as little data as you want.

Add Record
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2. Dashboard

Better insights, faster. The SurgicalPerformance dashboard has been built with user feedback to give you most relevant insights on one screen.

Number of records

Main procdures

Complication rates

PRA points

3. Benchmarking

Benchmark your outcomes and compare your results with anonymised data from your institution, country and the world.

Filter records by timeframe, location, speciality and main procedure

Comparative Bar charts

Box Plot diagram ± Standard Deviation

CUSUM by tracking the cumulative incidence of adverse events over time to see if the outcomes are improving, worsening or steady.

Kaplan Meier survival curves: track and compare the probability of recurrence

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 3.11.52 pm
Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 3.12.41 pm
4. Insights

Easily gain surgical insights from your data. Comprehensive reporting and insights including the ability to connect with Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Report on number of procedures, patient factors (e.g. comorbidities) and surgical details

Report on a user’s individual incidence of generally accepted standard KPIs of treatment outcomes (e.g. intraoperative visceral injury, readmission to hospital, unplanned return to operating theatre etc.).

Report on KPIs such as conversion rates from laparoscopic to open for hysterectomy, mesh erosion for pelvic floor repair etc.

5. Pra Points

Track PRA points with our built-in counter. 12 cases entered into SurgicalPerformance grants
1 PRA point.

SurgicalPerformance is a recognised Surgical Insights System by RANZCOG and by RACS.

Contact us for details on approval for your own surgical body.

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“I made it a habit to enter all cases right there in the operating theatre, which takes a couple of minutes.”

Dr Bill Paton,
Gynaecologist, WA (Australia)

Group 30

Additional Features

Multiple Locations

You configure multiple locations/institutions to allow you to analyse outcomes across all workplaces or narrow it down to just one institution.

Enhanced Security

Protect your dashboard, reports, export and account areas with an additional pin so that staff can enter and update records without sensitive data being revealed.

Record Management

We have built our record management around making your daily tasks easier with flexible, filtering, date searching and sorting.

Multiple Procedures

You can enter multiple procedures under the one record, adding general and specific outcomes plus patient information once. Each procedure still counts as a record and you can still see both procedures in their appropriate record screens and reporting.

Audit Trail

An audit log records details of record creation and edits including the date, time, user details and IP address. Records also cannot be deleted, making SurgicalPerformance compliant with ACHS and HIPPA standard and preventing you from accusations of falsifying reports.

API Integration

We have a full REST API, compatible with FHIR v4.0 along with easy to implement URL Integrations for adding records allowing simple integration with Practice Management systems and custom applications.

Easy Support and Feedback

We have a new knowledge base in the help menu and support with live chat built into the bottom right hand corner of every screen. Any issues, you can report them and get help directly within the system.

NCSR Export

For Australian National Colposcopy Screening Register (NCSR) reporting, you can generate pre-completed reports directly from any colposcopy record.

CQUIP Reports

Colposcopy Quality Improvement Program Reporting is auto-generated and available in the reports section.