CA125 app set to revolutionise the way ovarian and uterine cancer patients track their progress

Founder of SurgicalPerformance, Andreas Obermair, has developed a new smartphone app called CA125 and it is set to make an impact on several thousand patients diagnosed with ovarian and uterine cancer.

The CA125 self-tracking app will allow women diagnosed with ovarian or uterine cancer to self-monitor their tumour marker results.

The app is named after the CA125 protein which is produced by cancer cells and shed into the blood stream where it can be detected. Commonly referred to as a ‘tumour marker’, CA125 levels are monitored through regular blood tests before, during and after treatment to track cancer progress. However, the app covers not only CA125 but virtually all tumour markers relevant to gynaecological cancer.

Patients can enter their medical treatment as well as their tumour marker readings into the smartphone app and then follow the trends between their treatment (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) and tumour marker changes and the subsequent impact of various lifestyle factors on their cancer test results.

The CA125 app will not only empower women to have greater understanding and control over their cancer treatment, but will also help create lasting social change.

During the 15 years that I have operated my gynaecological oncology practice, I have seen how anxious patients get when awaiting their tumour marker results. We simply wanted to create a practical self-tracking tool that allows women to better monitor and analyse the effect of their treatment on their cancer progress, and give them greater peace of mind in between appointments.

The Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation, ovarian cancer research charity founded by Prof Obermair, hopes that by facilitating better communication between patients and specialists through sharing information and results electronically, this smartphone app will assist in earlier detection of cancer reoccurrence, and therefore improve survival rates for women with ovarian cancer.

In addition, the CA125 app will gather invaluable data which will be available to researchers, and proceeds from sales will go to the Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation for other gynaecological cancer research projects.

This app is not just designed for women currently going through ovarian cancer treatment – many women require lifelong tumour marker testing and the CA125 app can be a convenient companion along the way.

By purchasing this app for yourself, or a loved one in need – you’re not only supporting the cancer journey of an individual, but you’re contributing to a broader societal effort to find kinder and more effective treatments for ovarian cancer patients.

The CA125 tumour marker app is available on the App and Android store for $9.90. All proceeds will go to the Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation to help fund further research into kinder and more effective treatments for gynaecological cancer patients.


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