Dr Rupert Sherwood’s Testimonial on Implementing SurgicalPerformance in Sunshine Hospital’s Gynaecology Unit

SurgicalPerformance was recently implemented at Sunshine Hospital, Western Health, Victoria. The following written testimonial is about the implementation process and the take up from the hospital’s Gynaecology Unit.

“As a department we are big drivers of safety and quality, and SurgicalPerformance is a great auditing tool to help us with exactly this focus.

We have recently implemented SurgicalPerformance and I didn’t have to involve our IT department to set SurgicalPerformance up so it was a very smooth implementation that we could manage ourselves. Plus all the work regarding privacy has been done which is one of the biggest barriers we find when implanting new programs or procedures.

We have 12 surgeons in our department, and I remind them that SurgicalPerformance is a tool to help them be professionally certain of their own performance, but also of the collective value of the program because everyone likes to look at themselves against a peer but they can do this in a de-identified way through SurgicalPerformance, which is most useful.

The implementation process has been smooth and our surgeons have taken up the program well. I can get their surgical activity through another means so I can send them a list of operations and ask whether they have entered the operations against SurgicalPerformance so I can audit their use of SurgicalPerformance as well.

As Head of the Gynaecology Unit, I can look at the performance of the whole unit as a de-identified group, and in the near future we’re going to start comparing our unit’s results with data from institutions nationally when we have more data to compare in the coming months which will provide immense value to us.

I don’t think anyone disagrees with the principle of auditing; it’s just finding the right tools that are easy to use and I believe SurgicalPerformance provides this completely.”

Dr Rupert Sherwood
Senior Staff Specialist O&G
Head of Gynaecology Unit
Western Health ITP Co-ordinator
Sunshine Hospital, Western Health, Vic.