New Colposcopy Reporting

From 1 December 2017, SurgicalPerformance makes it easy for gynaecologists to report colposcopies to the new National Cancer Screening Register


The new Australian National Cervical Cancer Screening program will transform cervical cancer screening to HPV-based testing and make Australia a leader in cervical cancer screening again.

Telstra Health has been commissioned to develop and operate a national registry collecting data on HPV status, cytology, histopathology, and colposcopy. Information from pathology providers will be captured electronically. By contrast, there is no easy way to collect and submit data on colposcopy except in SurgicalPerformance.

SurgicalPerformance has been invited by Telstra Health to upload our users’ colposcopy data from 1 DEC 2017 into the Telstra Health databases. SurgcialPerformance users can opt into this service for their colposcopy entries and therefore fulfil their legal obligations requirement. Existing data should not be submitted to the new cervical cancer register.

Here are the most important changes that our users should be aware of:

  1. Patients’ details (including ID) needs to be stated (colposcopy data will be linked to HPV and cytology data).
  2. The colposcopist’s identity needs to be stated (Telstra Health has an obligation to follow up on incomplete data).
  3. Stating the patient and the colposcopist ID and reporting colposcopy data to the Federal government registry (through Telstra Health) is mandatory by law (National Cancer Screening Register Act 2016).
  4. We have made some amendments to our existing data fields in line with these new obligations and they will be ready for you by 1 December.
  5. We are working closely with Telstra Health and as soon as the electronic upload of data from SurgicalPerformace into the new register is ready, our users can submit the legally required documents to Telstra Health electronically via a secure (encrypted) link.
  6. Until the Telstra Registry is ready to receive electronic data, SurgicalPerformance will enable you to generate a PDF paper form of the colposcopy record to be faxed or posted to Telstra Health. Producing the paper form and posting it to Telstra Health is not automatic; you need to trigger it.
  7. Colposcopy reporting for Telstra Health will be available for Premium users only.


For those who have not used the colposcopy module yet

Colposcopy reporting will become mandatory from 1 DEC 2017. All colposcopies from 1 December 2017 need to be reported to the Telstra Health registry.

You can do so by downloading a paper form from the internet and completing that. It will take you approximately 20 minutes for each colposcopy to complete the paper form.

Alternatively, you can use SurgicalPerformance, which is quicker. SurgicalPerformance saves you from completing lengthy paper forms (including your first and family name, practice address, provider number and IHI-I number) repeatedly and in large numbers. It saves time. Lots of time.

In addition, SurgicalPerformance will give you an opportunity to gain insights and knowledge and to compare your outcomes with other colposcopists’ in Australia, all while earning CPD points and fulfilling your legal reporting requirements.

You can learn how many times you have negative/positive margins after a LLETZ; how many times the biopsy results correlate with the final histopathology result; how many recurrences develop after 12 months.