RANZCOG accepts SurgicalPerformance to collect PRA points

Like every morning I come to work at my public hospital, our department secretary piles up the mail she collects for me during the previous week. One of the letters that I opened that morning was from RANZCOG.

“In accordance with the guidelines … five per cent of Fellows will be randomly selected for a verification check each year.”

Oh my god. Do I really need this now? I have never done this before.

“You have been selected for a verification check for 2015 and are required to provide the College with your verification documentation …”.

Yes, it was true; I was selected to prove that all the points that I claimed are valid.

When I submitted my CPD claim a year earlier, I claimed almost as double as many points than the 150 points that were required. In addition, those points were collected in two years instead of the three years as per CPD cycle.

To claim points through SurgicalPerformance, users simply read the number of current PRA points from the PRA counter on the SurgicalPerformance Dashboard and claim it on the forms RANZCOG sends them for PRA activities.

The majority of points that I had to verify were in the PRA category.

Here was the opportunity to put SurgicalPerformance to the test. SurgicalPerformance claims that RANZCOG would grant 1 PRA point for every 12 patients that are entered into SurgicalPerformance. Interestingly RANZCOG does not require specialists to actually review their clinical outcomes, describe or interpret them.

I simply created a screenshot of my PRA counter from the Dashboard page of SurgicalPerformance and submitted it as proof for the number of cases that I entered into SurgicalPerformance.

The PRA counter is only available to Premium users of SurgicalPerformance with a paid subscription. Users can adjust the CPD period and can see their current points versus their potential points. Potential points are from patients that were entered into SurgicalPerformance but they still lack mandatory information (e.g., follow up).

Less than 2 weeks I later I received a letter stating that I successfully completed my verification check and attached to that letter was my new Fellowship certificate.

I thought that was easy. No need to stress.