SurgicalPerformance PROMS makes following up patient outcomes painless

We all want to be sure our procedures have helped our patients and learn of any complications pro-actively. We also want to measure patient satisfaction.

Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMS) surveys are widely accepted tools for making outcomes known. However, they are not easy to implement in a practice.


SurgicalPerformance PROMS is the most natural and effective PROMS solution available for individual specialists.

Validated Surveys

Our survey uses the internationally-recognised PROMIS short form survey questions. These validated questionnaires turn a symptom into a numerical score. In 16 questions, we collect medically-relevant results for Physical function, Pain intensity, Fatigue and Pain Interference compared to the General US Population with a confidence rating.

Our custom-built surveys are sent automatically via SMS to ensure the highest deliverability and response rates. Our surveys take under 60 seconds for a patient to complete, and we have selected the optimal number of questions to get a reliable result.

We measure patient satisfaction with each survey, using the world-standard Net Promoter Score. We use this to give immediate feedback on individual patient satisfaction you can also aggregate satisfactions over time.

In SurgicalPerformance, we limit the capture of Protected Health Information wherever we can. For PROMS, we have limited it to the patient's First name and mobile number. This information is stored in a separate system and will only used for personalising and sending messages. It cannot be accessed by anyone or exported.

Most surgeons like to set an alert level for notifications. Our users can be notified if any patient reports a survey result outside a nominated level. You can be notified of Severe, Moderate, Mild or all results by email with the results and a link to the detailed report.

How it works

SurgicalPerformance PROMS fits easily into your existing INSIGHTS workflow. You can also use PROMS without INSIGHTS and add a requests in less than 30 seconds.

1. Requesting a PROMS Survey from a Patient

To make a PROMS request, you need to complete just 7 fields. We will do the rest. If you use SurgicalPerformance INSIGHTS, you can enable it at data entry and we will send surveys and report results automatically..

The first PROMS survey is sent 7 days after the procedure date

Requests for surveys need to be scheduled before this date

You can add a request and then optionally fill out the other INSIGHTS details later.

PROMS Request
2. Engaging Patients

We send a clear SMS when you request a PROMS survey from a patient. If the patient chooses not to answer the survey, they will not be contacted further.

We recommend you or your practice admin team discuss PROMS requests during an appointment with a patient;

That way your team can explain that the surveys have been designed to enable the doctor to check in on their recovery and overall well being

It also means you can be sure the phone number and details are correct and patients know the survey is genuine and from you;

You can always cancel a request and schedule a new one on the same record with different details if there is an error.

3. Survey

We send personalised surveys directly to a patient's smartphone. We ask questions in four key domains to understand how they are doing after their procedure, plus a final overall patient satisfaction query.

Fatigue - 4 questions

Pain Intensity - 4 questions

Pain Interference - 3 questions

Physical Function - 4 questions

Patient Satisfaction - 1 question

4. Reports & Alerts

We have integrated PROMS Reporting tightly across every area of SurgicalPerformance.

The PROMS dashboard shows open and response rates for surveys, along with averages of responses in each area for 7, 30 and 180-day surveys

We show survey status and results as traffic lights in all record views to show outsources and trends at a glance

Green bars represent favourbale outcomes; Amber bars represent average outcomes; and red bars represent poor outcomes

The lower the value, the better the patient-reported outcome

From the record edit and detail views you can click to get in-depth reports on patient outcomes for an individual procedure

5. Follow-up

Follow up on patient-reported outcomes are sent automatically at 30 and 180 days.

We track the response rates on follow-up surveys so you can see where patients have not answered

We ask the same set of questions to ensure valid comparisons

You can see progress over time and measure improvements in outcomes on both reports and summary views

Proms Dashboard Desktop

“Since I started using SurgicalPerformance to audit my practice, the tedious task of audit has become simple and easy and I can enter my data anytime and anywhere.”

Dr Elizabeth Varughese,
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, NSW (Australia)


Additional Features

Error handling and feedback

We don't just report on outcomes. We also track if surveys are not completed or fail to send.

Worldwide support

The survey system recognises all international phone numbers and can send messages to patients in any country.

Record Management

We have built our record management around making your daily tasks easier with flexible, filtering, date searching and sorting.

API Integration

PROMS is tightly integrated into SurgicalPerformance but built as a standalone product with a full API that can be used to integrate external systems and workflows, including practice management systems such as Genie seamlessly.

Audit Trail

An audit log records details of record creation and edits including the date, time, user details and IP address. Records also cannot be deleted, making SurgicalPerformance compliant with ACHS and HIPPA standard and preventing you from accusations of falsifying reports.

Easy support and feedback

We have a new knowledge base in the help menu and support with live chat built into the bottom right hand corner of every screen. Any issues, you can report them and get help directly within the system.