About SurgicalPerformance

SurgicalPerformance Pty Ltd is an independent, registered Australian company (ABN 73 139 825 166), based in Brisbane, Australia. It was founded in 2009 by surgeons to support clinicians in their endeavours to improve patient outcomes.

SurgicalPerformance is a simple, accurate and confidential tool that allows individual surgeons to record their surgical performance. The data collected is essential to providing bench-marked feedback in order to self-assess and improve. The data will also stand up to the highest levels of scrutiny should your practice come under question.

Its main task is to support doctors by providing them with information on their treatment outcomes. Doctors then can take corrective action if they deem it necessary.

Only registered medical practitioners can use the software. Access is secured by the use of a username and password. All data transfer is encrypted, safe from interference and stored securely.