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Entering your data into the SurgicalPerformance app doesn’t just help you to know better, it contributes to the betterment of medicine as a whole, via key learnings from the de-identified surgeon cohort data being shared back with the wider surgical community.


Team familiarity reduces complication rates

SurgicalPerformance has shown that surgical teams (surgeon, anaesthetist, nurse) that are familiar with each other produce significantly better patient outcomes. For various major surgical procedures, the rate of postoperative adverse events was 8.2% when the surgeon scored the familiarity of the team as high; and 16.2% when the surgeon scored team familiarity low. The relationship of team familiarity and complication rates was pronounced for complex surgical procedures. SurgicalPerformance allows every user to document the team familiarity for surgical procedures, receive reports and reflect on the data.

Image courtesy of Dr Danny Tucker
Image courtesy of Dr Danny Tucker

Hysterectomy Risk

Based on cohort data from SurgicalPerformance, we identified factors that are consistent with an increased risk of surgical complications associated with hysterectomy. With this information, we developed an algorithm that integrated into a calculator to estimate the risk of surgical complications as a result of hysterectomy in individual patients.


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