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For Surgeons

SurgicalPerformance has been built by a team of top surgeons and experts to guarantee it is the right tool for you. All data entry fields and outcomes have been developed to ensure they are accurate and medically relevant to your specialty, and we have designed it to offer a perfect combination of security and ease-of-use.

For a full, up to date, list of procedures supported by SurgicalPerformance click here.



Web-based. No need to download software. All data is transferred to and from the web server using a 128 bit encryption.



Recording and analysis of surgical procedures and outcomes in absolute confidence. Your name will not appear on screen or on any reports.



Modules contain data entry fields relevant to your specialty and surgical outcomes.

Your Data

Your Data

You can create your own database by exporting your data to CSV/Excel at anytime.

What Surgeons have said


“I made it a habit to enter all cases right there in the operating theatre, which takes a couple of minutes. Having my outcomes available is reassuring in the current litigious medico legal environment.”

Dr Bill Paton, Gynaecologist, WA (Australia)



“Working as a gynaecologist in a rather remote part of the world I don’t have easy access to feedback from colleagues. Without SurgicalPerformance I would have no idea how good or bad I do. Feedback is critical so that I can respond appropriately. In a nutshell, SurgicalPerformance is my trusted peer.”

Dr Gina Wulf, Gynaecologist, NT (Australia)


“Since we document all deliveries and surgical cases in SurgicalPerformance our GOG group has no issue with College PRA points. We collected more points than we actually require. In addition, it is always nice to know that we are doing a good job and I am not an outlier.”

Dr Brad Armstrong, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Qld (Australia)


“Since I started using SurgicalPerformance to audit my practice, the tedious task of audit has become simple and easy and I can enter my data anytime and anywhere. It covers all aspects of my practice: obstetrics, gynaecology – including urogynaecology – and colposcopy in one program.”

Dr Elizabeth Varughese, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, NSW (Australia)

Gain the credit you deserve

SurgicalPerformance is recognised by The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) and is an effortless way for O&G Specialists to obtain PAR points. One hour of the SurgicalPerformance audit credits you one point in the PAR category.


1 PRA point for every 12 cases entered into SurgicalPerformance.

Key Features Surgical performance is a convenient and purpose built tool to allow for full documentation of cases in Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Colposcopy and General Surgery.


Comparison Reporting

Access anonymous comparison reports of your data compared to all users’ aggregated results. Premium users enjoy comparison data against other surgeons’ outcomes for benchmarking.



Data entry is simple and straight forward and can be done by the surgeon while with the patient or by an assistant who is restricted to data entry only (will not have access to view reports or export data).


Transferrable Data

Your data can be downloaded and transferred in Excel format for reporting purposes if required.


Secure Access

Access to SurgicalPerformance is through a secure login and password only. Upon sign up no name is revealed (unless you wish to receive a tax invoice from PayPal).


Complete confidentiality

No user can see other individual users’ data. Surgeons’ individual outcomes are not made available to third parties unless required by law. Only non-identifiable data is used for research.


No consent is required from patients

because audit is part of the clinical routine service provision (see legal considerations).


Enhanced security

Ability to restrict sensitive reports with an additional PIN code.


Standards Compliant

Meets Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare Standards (ACHS) for Australian Clinical Quality Registries.


Extensive reporting

SurgicalPerformance has been built by a team of top surgeons and experts to guarantee it is the right tool for you. All data entry fields and outcomes have been developed to ensure they are accurate and medicallyrelevant to your specialty and we have designed it to offer a perfect combination of security and ease-of-use.

Including but not Limited to:

  • The ability to search records for specific timeframes, location/s and operations and generate report/s.
  • Reports on number of procedures, patient factors (e.g. co-morbidities) and surgical details for all major gynaecological procedures, obstetrics outcomes and colposcopy (compliant with RANZCOG’s CQUIP).
  • Reports on a user’s individual incidence of generally accepted standard KPIs of treatment outcomes (e.g. intraoperative visceral injury, readmission to hospital, unplanned return to operating theatre etc.).

  • Results on outcomes separated by location or department (e.g. public vs. Private) and per time period.
  • Reports on KPIs such as conversion rates from laparoscopic to open for hysterectomy, mesh erosion for pelvic floor repair etc.
  • Calculate CUSUM by tracking the cumulative incidence of adverse events over time to see if the outcomes are improving, worsening or steady.
  • Ascertain Kaplan Meier survival curves: track and compare the probability of recurrence (endometriosis – pelvic pain, pelvic floor symptoms etc.).

  • Access comparative reports on the incidence of outcomes in comparison with colleagues, department peers, geographic location and even internationally.
  • Data can be downloaded onto your harddrive in CSV (MS Excel) format.