FAQ: Using SurgicalPerformance for NCSR Colposcopy Reporting

Since 1 December 2017, the new Australian National Cervical Cancer Screening program mandates by Federal law that gynaecologists submit data about colposcopies to the National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR).

SurgicalPerformance modified its data fields to be consistent with the data fields implemented in the NCSR, which is operated by Telstra Health.

SurgcialPerformance users can opt into this service for their colposcopy entries and therefore fulfil their legal obligations requirement.

Here we address some of the questions we’ve been receiving from our users recently:

1. Should colposcopy data prior to 1 DEC 2017 submitted to the NCSR?

No. Only Colposcopies performed in Australia on or after 01 Dec 2017 are eligible for entry into NCSR.

2. I do most colposcopies in my rooms. Do I need to register my rooms as an institution?

Yes, entering data into SurgicalPerformance requires a practice location because all outcomes will be presented by practice location.

Once you are logged intoSurgicalPerformance, you go to “Institutions/Locations”; select “ADD INSTITUTION/LOCATION”; select country and State and select ”Private rooms”.

3. How can I physically submit data to the NCSR through SurgicalPerformance?

It is the health practitioner’s responsibility to complete the dataset on colposcopy. Once the dataset is complete, the user will go to REPORTS and select “Colposcopy NCSR Report”.

You will find a list of colposcopies. Click on “Generate PDF” and a window will open that will require you to provide information on the patient and yourself. The information about yourself can be saved so that you don’t need to enter that every time. Information about the patient and the colposcopist are mandatory.

Once that information is entered you click “Submit”, which will generate a PDF. You can print it and either fax it or post it. Where the PDF can be lodged to is on the form.

4. What options other than SurgicalPerformance do I have to submit my colposcopy data to the NCSR?

If you are not a SurgicalPerformance Premium user, you can download the Colposcopy and Treatment form from this website, complete it by hand and submit it in a method similar to the above.

5. What is the advantage of submitting colposcopy data through SurgicalPerformance?

There are two major advantages:

a. Apart from being compliant with legislation, you will also have full electronic access to your colposcopy procedures and treatment outcomes. These outcomes are available 24/7 and users of SurgicalPerformance will be able to compare themselves with other users in Australia while full confidentiality is maintained.  You will also earn CPD points.

b. For medical practitioners and their staff who are used to a paperless administration, it will be quicker to complete these forms electronically rather than by hand.


Should you have any further questions or require any support, please email [email protected] or phone (02) 7200 2574 – available 24/7.