How to claim CPD hours with RANZCOG


RANZCOG recognises SurgicalPerformance users earning 1 CPD hour for every 6 cases completed in SurgicalPerfomance, plus users can also earn CPD hours for self-reflection and for evaluating SurgicalPerfomance. Here we explain how it is easily done. 


Prior to the most recent CPD changes in June 2022, SurgicalPerformance users were able to claim 1 point for every 12 cases entered into SurgicalPerformance.

In the new CPD system (starting from 1 July 2022), a total of 50 hours are required per annum. RANZCOG recognizes three ways that CPD hours can be earned with SurgicalPerformance:

  1. Outcome Measurement (OM): For every 6 cases in SurgicalPerformance, you can claim 1 CPD hour in OM. However, these SurgicalPerformance cases need to have completed a 4 to 6 weeks follow up. A minimum of 12 cases/2 hours are required to claim CPD. For RANZCOG, you need to claim a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum of 30 hours in the OM category.
  2. Performance Review (PR): You can claim up to 3 CPD hours by reviewing your SurgicalPerformance outcomes data with a peer (colleague).
  3. Evaluation of SurgicalPerformance: By evaluating SurgicalPerformance, you can claim an additional 2 hours CPD. Click here to access the evaluation form.


Table 1: Annual allocation of hours for Outcome Measurement (OM) and Performance Review (PR)

Total (hours) Educational activities Outcome Measurement (OM) Performance Review (PR) Remaining OM/PR Remaining Hours
50 13 5 5 16 11


How you do this:

  1. Login to your SurgicalPerformance account
  2. You will automatically be directed to the Dashboard page
  3. On this page scroll down until you can see the box “CPD points”. Click on it. A larger window will open. You can adjust the CPD “From – To” date period, which should be your CPD period (for example: 1July 2022 – 31 December 2023). SurgicalPerformance will automatically suggest how many CPD hours you earned in the Outcome Measurement (OM) category (you will be granted 1 hour for every 6 cases entered).
  4. To claim Outcome Measurement (OM), click on your SurgicalPerformance user ID (right hand top corner of the screen). A menu will open and you select “CPD certificate”. Your certificate will appear, which you can print or upload to the RANZCOG CPD portal (; add an activity; click on “Outcome Measurement (OM)”; select Surgical Audit. Add the SurgicalPerformance CPD certificate as an attachment.
  5. To claim Performance Review (PR) hours, you will need to discuss your SurgicalPerformance outcomes with peers or colleagues. Then you log-in to; add an activity; click on Performance Review and select “Peer review / feedback of own performance”. You can claim a max of 3 CPD hours.
  6. To claim CPD hours from evaluating SurgicalPerformance, download the Evaluation form here and complete it. Then you log-in to; add an activity; click on Performance Review and select “xxx”. You can claim a max of 2 CPD hours.


“Since I use SurgicalPerformance, I have no issue with CPD points any longer; even without attending conferences”.

Using SurgicalPerformance makes the claiming of CPD hours an easy task.

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