How to claim CPD points with RANZCOG


SurgicalPerformance users can claim 1 PRA point for every 12 cases entered into SurgicalPerfomance. Here we explain how it is done.

Fellows of RANZCOG need to submit their CPD claims every 3 years. RANZCOG will post the necessary forms to you but you can also download the forms from here.

Using SurgicalPerformance makes the claiming of PRA points an easy task.

How many points can you claim? In the Premium version of SurgicalPerformance you have a PRA counter on your Dashboard.


How to claim CPD points with RANZCOG



  1. Make sure the CPD period at the bottom of the SurgicalPerformance PRA counter is correct. You can simply change it by choosing a different “From” and “To” date.
  2. The SurgicalPerformance PRA counter will tell you how many PRA points you have current.
  3. The counter will also tell you how many “potential” points you could claim if you would complete the follow up on patients


In the example above our fictional SurgicalPerformance user collected 11 PRA points that are claimable. In addition, the SurgicalPerformance user could possibly claim another 9 PRA points if the user would complete the follow up of some patients.


  1. You simply claim your points on the forms that are to be sent to the RANZCOG and you wait to hear from them.
  2. Should you be selected to verify your documentation and submit proof of your PRA points, you simply create a print screen of your SurgicalPerformance PRA counter and submit it to the RANZCOG.