Record integration and API for developers

SurgicalPerformance has a simple, developer-friendly record addition integration available that supports the most commonly used record fields.
We also have a full REST API that will be available with V3.

URL Integration

It uses a simple url format and validates the data interactively, letting the user confirm the data and module to add the record to.

Available fields

  • Patient identifier (String)
  • Date of birth (dd-mm-yyyy)
  • Date of surgery (dd-mm-yyyy)
  • Sex (M,F,I,N)

Users will be asked to login if necessary and then will be shown the create record screen

Multiple records

If the patient identifier and date match one or more existing records, the user can choose whether to access the existing record or add a new record.

Tracking record additions

If desired, the developer could track on their side when the link to SurgicalPerformance is clicked so users know if they have passed a record across.

It will be possible in the future using our upcoming REST API to query the patient identifier, date of birth and date of surgery to see if a record exists already in SurgicalPerformance.

Additional fields

Additional fields, particularly those in the general patient information, which is consistent across almost all modules, can easily be added to the URL format if they are supported in your system. Please contact us to discuss the addition.


A full API exists in Surgical Performance V3 for record creation and also for record listing and retrieval. This is currently being finalised in the completion of v3.

We will announce when this functionality and its documentation is available.

Record Listing

It is possible to list records for a user and search based on specific criteria to enable display of records or confirmation of the existence of a record in SurgicalPerformance

Module definitions

Each module has a JSON Schema spec that defines the fields and validation rules. These can be used for both record retrieval and record creation.

Record Retrieval

Complete records can be retrieved from the API in JSON.

Record Creation

Record creation is supported, but due to the complexity and number of fields, along with each module getting periodic updates, we recommend using the url method to create records.