10 questions you should ask yourself before you select your audit tool

  1. Data fields are systematic and coded (not free hand); are data are entered through selection of choices (preferred) or through free entry of text (avoid)?
  2. Is the section of data fields compliant with accepted standards? You will require a mix of generally and widely accepted outcomes that are valid across specialities (e.g., ACHS) (preferred) and outcomes specific to your specialty and surgical procedure (preferred).
  3. Is your data protected by Commonwealth Qualified Privilege under Part VC of the Health Insurance Act 1973 (preferred)? Or can your data be subpoenaed by the courts or hostile barristers (avoid)?
  4. Are the reports available 24/7 and clinically meaningful (preferred)? Are comparison reports, CUSUM graphs (to show changes over months and years) and Kaplan Meier curves (time to recurrence of a condition, e.g., urinary incontinence) available (preferred)?
  5. Can your data be downloaded onto your computer and you own your data (preferred) or does a third party “manage” your data (avoid)?
  6. What protection is in place to make your sensitive data safe against data break-in and abuse? Will data be stored on your device (avoid) or are data stored in the cloud (preferred)? Is the server marked as a secure server (https://) (preferred) or not (http://) (avoid)?. Is data transfer encrypted (preferred), in which case will an encryption certificate will be available upon request? Are your outcomes data protected in case someone gets access to your device?
  7. Can you compare your outcomes with others for benchmarking in numerical and graphical form? The more users populate your audit solution, the more meaningful and robust the comparison data will become (preferred).
  8. Is the vendor of the audit tool driven by commercial interest (avoid), will keep an eye on you as a professional standards body (avoid) or is the audit tool independent and its primary aim is to assist with your learning and development (preferred)?
  9. Can you claim CPD points with your College or professional organisation?
  10. Do you need multiple accounts to enter data from various hospitals that you visit (avoid) or can various hospitals come under one user account (preferred)?

SurgicalPerformance fulfils all criteria cited above and makes ongoing audit easy, giving you peace of mind. If you consider SurgicalPerformance for your institution, please send us an email for a quote.