Dr Bryan Kenny, O&G Surgeon, Greenslopes Private Hospital


We sat down with Dr Bryan Kenny, an O&G Surgeon at the Greenslopes Private Hospital in Brisbane, to see what he likes about SurgicalPerformance and how he uses it in his work.


Why did you decide to utilise Surgical Performance?

I found out about SurgicalPerformance through Andreas a number of years ago when he was still developing the program and it seemed like a perfect way to track and audit procedures. As a register I used it to keep track of my cases. As a consultant in  private practice I find it really helpful to keep track of types of surgeries.


Did you look at other Auditing products?

Nothing past Google. SurgicalPerformance has everything I wanted in an auditing program and it’s so easy to use.


What value does SurgicalPerformance bring to you personally in your role?

Just being able to keep my eye on outcomes, modes of delivery, and keeping track of my personal records and then comparing these to the national averages.  The ease of recording makes it a very good program.


Value to the hospital?

An excellent platform to be able to pull data on individual doctors and their outcomes.


To Individual O&G’s

I know of Dr Armstrong using it – I was helping him the other day and he said he found it quite helpful as well in tracking his own performance.


Have you seen results to date?

SurgicalPerformance has helped raise the standards of my outcomes and encouraged my peers as well.


Long-term Objectives?

It is great for identifying areas for improvements, and I can benchmark myself against peers based on types of procedures and outcomes.