Enhancements and Software upgrade March 2014

Further user enhancements now available!

SurgicalPerformance released a new software upgrade with further enhancements for users. All changes should make the use of SurgicalPerformance more enjoyable and user friendly for subscribers. Your feedback is welcome, as always.

PRA counter (for Australian and New Zealand Premium subscribers only)

RANZCOG gives 1 PRA point for every 12 cases you entered into and completed in SurgicalPerformance. To assist in keeping track of your points we developed an automatic counter that is located on your SurgicalPerformance Dashboard. It will show how many PRA points you accrued for complete records and how many points you can potentially gain by completing draft or incomplete records when possible. You can even adjust your CPD period to receive accurate information for the College.

As SurgicalPerformance subscribers this is one of the many benefits – collecting PRA points for RANZCOG efficiently and conveniently stress free.

PRA Counter

Warning of duplicate data entry

Based on customer feedback we have developed a warning system that makes you aware if you are about to enter a case twice. Prior to saving a record in SurgicalPerformance, the system will run a background check. If a record matches an existing record a window will pop up and you will be able to review the similar case that you entered previously.

This is what it looks like:

double entry warning

Save a Draft

We are aware that sometimes our subscribers wish to enter a case into SurgicalPerformance but don’t have all the information at the time. In the past a case could only be saved if all necessary information was available.
In response to your feedback we have now developed the system to allow cases to be saved as a DRAFT even if essential information is pending and incomplete. In the YOUR RECORDS section draft and incomplete records will be coloured pink whereas complete records are shown in white.


Want to compare your formal complaints against others? In SurgicalPerformance you now can. You will be able to check the number of complaints you received over time and compare to others (Premium only). Complaints are defined as an inquiry undertaken by medical board, coronial or state complaint body.


Institutional subscription

From now on institutions will be able to compare themselves with other institutions in complete confidentiality. This feature will assist O&G specialists and department heads to know their department’s outcomes compared to other departments. The subscription price is $20 per user per month. A minimum of five users need to be registered and enter data in order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of each user.

subscription types