Major updates to Institutions

Institution users have received a large number of new features, including a new dashboard and better subscription management.

Institutions can now receive feedback on their surgical performance compared to other institutions (irrespective of geographical or organisational boundaries) similar to the current Premium subscription. However, Institutions are not able to identify individual users and their outcomes within their own institution for confidentiality reasons.

A minimum number of five (5) or more individual users need to be registered and enter data to qualify for institution subscription to protect our users’ privacy.

How you get started:

The spokesperson for the institution will register the institution here and also select an institution from the menu. If your institution is not available for selection, you can request this institution to be added.

SurgicalPerformance will send an invoice to the email address registered with the institution. The cost is AU$20 per user per month. Institutional membership goes for a 12 months period and can be renewed thereafter.

Once the invoice has been paid, the institution will be given coupon codes that individual users can use instead of payment of their subscription.

To display results on the institution page the following conditions need to be fulfilled:

  • A location needs to be chosen (multiple locations are possible)
  • A minimum of 5 coupons must be paid for
  • A minimum of 5 users have entered data

Once the institution subscription has been activated the dashboard on the institution user will also become active and will show the number of purchased and used coupons as well as the expiry date of the subscription. The dashboard will not allow your hospital drawing conclusions on individual users.

Additional users can be added at anytime by contacting SurgicalPerformance directly. Unused subscriptions cannot be cancelled.

If after 12 months your institution decides not to renew institution membership all individual users will be downgraded to a Lite subscription, which is free of charge. Users will not lose any data but Lite users will see only individual outcomes. Comparative outcomes are only for Premium users. Upgrading to Premium subscription is possible at anytime.

Privacy: Your institution might have paid for your SurgicalPerformance Premium subscription in full. In this case no payment from you is required. Nevertheless, SurgicalPerformance will not share any data with your institution except that you activated your subscription.

Once your username is set it is not possible to change it. You may wish to chose a username different to your actual name for protection of your privacy. Numbers and letters can be used.