Partnership with Healthscope Announced

SurgicalPerformance is delighted to announce its exciting new partnership with Healthscope, a leading private Australian healthcare provider with 46 hospitals and 53 medical clinics. Healthscope encourages the clinical independence of its accredited health professionals and acknowledges the accountability that accompanies this independence. Dr Michael Coglin Healthscope’s CMO says, “We are passionate that all our medical practitioners should engage in audit as a way of self-monitoring.  By partnering with SurgicalPerformance all our O&G surgeons are provided with a convenient surgeon friendly web based self-auditing tool and support – all free of charge”.

Readers who are Healthscope surgeons you will be receiving a communications piece from Dr Coglin, very shortly on this exciting development and on how to subscribe to SurgicalPerformance for free as a Healthscope surgeon as well as details of the many support channels available to you as a Healthscope subscriber.

Surgeons who are currently operating in one or more hospitals who wish to avail themselves of SurgicalPerformance through a similar hospital/institution wide arrangement click here to access SurgicalPerformance’s Capability Statement to submit to your Department Heads to start a dialogue about the many benefits of SurgicalPerformance.