SurgicalPerformance continually improves service


During the last year we also have improved our data processing speed.

The processing time in SurgicalPerformance to load the Dashboard is currently 1.62 seconds. All pages on the SurgicalPerformance site load in under 10 seconds. If your Dashboard loads slower, please check your internet speed.

The time to save a page where SurgicalPerformance has not found a data entry error has increased 2.29 times and decreased from 7.8 seconds to 3.4 seconds.

The time to save a page where we found a data entry error has increased 2.47 times. It was 21 seconds previously but is now reduced to 8.5 seconds. The reasons for the much longer save time is because SurgicalPerformance runs a whole battery of validity tests to make sure that your data are accurate, clinically meaningful and available 24/7.

Last week, we released an updated version that includes some user friendly features.

  1. Extended vs. minimal data set – Users can choose between entering a full data set or a minimal data set and users can switch between both seamlessly as shown here. Minimal data includes only the few mandatory data fields.SurgicalPerformance continually improves service
  2. In Obstetrics we included a feature that auto-calculates the Estimated Date of Delivery as well as some other data fields including indication for induction, method of cesarean section and based on user feedback we introduced umbilical Lactate as a foetal outcome.
  3. In Gynaecology we added pre-existing infections, surgical site infections and other infections as outcomes and we added morcellation to the hysterectomy data base.

As readers would be aware, we covered the news about our NEW hysteroscopic surgery module in last month’s newsletter, covering Diagnostic hysteroscopy, hysterosocopic resection, suction curette and endometrial ablation which has been well received.