SurgicalPerformance goes from strength to strength!

Originally founded in 2008 SurgicalPerformance received a total make over when launched to the medical fraternity in 2012. Since its inception SurgicalPerformance has grown considerably and been embraced by medical specialists globally.

This growth is reflected by the number of O&G practitioners who have joined SurgicalPerformance and use it regularly and even more so by the total number of cases entered into SurgicalPerformance, which reflects the need for SurgicalPerformance in our practices.

  • By January 2013 a total of 2,555 cases of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Colposcopy were entered into SurgicalPerformance.
  • This grew to 7,826 by December 2013- a tripling in the number of cases available for comparison in SurgicalPerformance.
  • By December 2014 the total number of cases rose to 17,586 meaning a growth of another 125% within the last calendar year.

Currently, 452 O&G specialists and trainees have registered in SurgicalPerformance and the number of active users entering data on a regular basis is 393.