Collecting Feedback to Improve Medical Practice

If you are a surgeon, wanting to improve your practice, there are many ways to do so. At SurgicalPerformance, we are all about collecting meaningful feedback and using it to make changes to minimise risks and errors and to overall improve our performance, and we believe this applies to every aspect of your practice, from staffing, customer service, and of course, your and your department’s performance as well.

In this 4 part series, we share what we believe is the step-by-step guide to collecting feedback from patients in a survey form, how to collect data on your performance, and how to clinically analyse it. We also go into Morbidity & Mortality meetings, how to organise and run them, and we cover the importance of checklists to improve and maintain the quality of your medical practice.

You can access each part of our series below:


Part 1 – Surveys

Part 2 – Analysing Clinical Outcomes

Part 3 – M&M Meetings

Part 4 – Checklists